Measured Building Surveys

Measured Building, Floorplans & Elevations

Safedigging Ltd offer a range of Building Surveys to accurately determine both the internal & external layouts of buildings of all types

Commercial  -  Industrial  -  Local Authority  -  Residential  -  Heritage

Measured Building Surveys are used to provide our clients with an accurate representation of commercial and domestic buildings and may be conducted before renovation works, for commercial purposes, or at the end of the construction process as an "As Built" survey.

With reflectorless technology we can survey building elevations safely and accurately, coupled with the use of new technologies and photo corrective software our Elevation Surveys are some of the best available in the UK today.

Floor plans are measured and recorded onto tablet PC's, with the additional benefit of onboard error checking calculations; providing engineers with instant visual information while also alerting them to any potential errors or issues.  

All our Survey Data can be delivered in a variety of industry standard 2D & 3D digital formats. 

See: 3D Scanning
See: Example Survey Drawings & Plans

Measured Building Surveys
Measured Building Surveys Weston Pier
Measured Building Surveys Royal Hotel

Safedigging Ltd are able to undertake a variety of measured building related surveys  for buildings of all types

●   Measured Building Surveys

●   Floorplans

●   Elevations

●   Cross Sections

●   Roof Plans

●   Internal Elevation & Ceiling

●   Area & Lease Plans

●   As Built Surveys

Using highly accurate survey equipment and 3D Laser Scanners to capture the necessary data, Safedigging surveyors will carry out floor plans, elevations, cross sections and even roof plans.   

This data will then be used to produce the high quality, accurate drawings our clients expect, ensuring all features no matter how complex and detailed are represented with the utmost accuracy.

See: Example Survey Drawings & Plans

Safedigging Ltd employ an extensive range of equipment to provide a total service, allowing all types and levels of building survey to be offered including:

●  Robotic Total Stations

● Handheld Computer & Tablets

●  3D Laser Scanning

●  UAV / Drones

Building Surveys, Floorplans and Elevations

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