Topographic Surveys

Measured Building Surveys & 3D Walk-throughs

Topographical or land surveys often provide the start point for a project so it pays to get it right first time

Construction  -  Real Estate  -  Civil  -  Utilities  -  Rail  -  Highways  -  Heritage

Topographic Surveys are conducted using the latest fully robotic theodolite, total stations, GPS, tablet and UAV/Drone systems to collect all site features, including items such as kerb lines, building outlines, and other prominent “hard” features, while also allowing all utility information to be orientated to the ground.

Surveys can be fully customised according to client requirements, meaning Safedigging Ltd can provide architects, developers and contractors with accurate drawings of their site or land to their precise needs.

Drawings can be provided in both 2D and 3D form and detail the precise location of static features such as buildings, kerb lines, fences, trees, street furniture and service covers, along with height levels and/or contours to aid in design and development. 

See: Example Survey Drawings & Plans

Topographic Survey

The correct professional survey approach will ensure correct dimensional control and minimise risks.

Aerial Topographical Surveys
Using aerial imagery, Safedigging can capture and process large-scale topographical surveys significantly quicker than conventional methods. Aerial surveys are also invaluable for sites where access is restricted due to safety considerations or continuing works which will otherwise be disrupted by the work of a ground surveyor.

Unlike many companies, our processing is generally done locally so that we can capture errors and optimise quality of outputs. Information security is also assured.

Surveys can be delivered in any industry standard format including:

- AutoCAD .dwg
- DXF geo-referenced mesh
- LAS/LAZ point cloud 

Aerial Drone Topographic Survey

Our integrated services reflect the growing demand for a professional, customer-focused partner able to deliver bespoke solutions designed specifically to meet clients needs. 

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