Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual walk throughs of construction sites and projects

Imagine giving  clients the ability to walk through any Interior without stepping out of the office……well now we can

Construction  -  Industrial  -  Residential  -  Commercial Real Estate  -  Historic Building

3D Modelling & Virtual Walk throughs: Using technology originally designed for estate agents in the USA, Safedigging are able to create virtual walk throughs of construction sites and projects during different phases of a build or re development.

We will provide you with a perfectly scaled 3D model of your business or Project, enabling users to view and walk through like never before! This feature always impresses and creates huge engagement with clients and customers viewing your tour.

Safedigging can generate floor plans & walk throughs to be used for status updates with project managers and investors, create DWG files to use with Topographic Surveys and Measured Building Surveys, we can even integrate with google street maps.

Virtual Building Walkthrough

Using cutting edge technology Safedigging can create virtual walk throughs of construction sites and projects during different phases of a build or re-development.



Showcase your finished interior to customers & clients


Document spaces for user orientation & safety risks


Annotate spaces and measure any area from the office

Progress Survey

Compare spaces during construction & highlight progress & snags

Include a Safedigging handover presentation for your client on completion of job.

Measurements & Floor Plans: Through our state-of-the-art imaging and infrared technology, we can provide millimetre perfect measurement and floorplans of your property.

Perfect for estate agents, venues for hire or hotels that want to showcase their size and layout. 

Using highly accurate survey equipment and 3D Laser Scanners to capture the necessary data, Safedigging surveyors will carry out floor plans, elevations, cross sections and even roof plans.

This data will then be used to produce the high quality, accurate drawings our clients expect, ensuring all features no matter how complex and detailed are represented with the utmost accuracy.

See: Measured Building Survey

Building Measurement and Floorplan

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